Harvey Weinstein Reveals Why Roger Ebert Called Him 'King of Cannes' (Video)

The Oscar-winning producer told THR about his close relationship with the late film critic, regaling with a story that involved true royalty and a playboy lifestyle.

The Four Seasons restaurant was filled with stars and major players in a celebratory mood Wednesday night, but given the occasion -- a party honoring THR's 35 Most Powerful People in Media -- it was impossible not to mention the loss of one of the industry's favorite sons.

Harvey Weinstein, the New York-based film mogul, took some time to talk about the late film critic Roger Ebert, who died last week after a long battle with cancer. Weinstein said he knew Ebert very well over the years, and praised his championing of independent cinema; the Oscar winner also disclosed an anecdote that explains how he got one of his most famous nicknames.

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"I once got the nickname the King of Cannes and the reason [Roger] did that to me was that I was in a bar," Weinstein explained, "and Prince Albert -- I knew socially, not as Prince Albert, because many years ago when he was single and I was also single, we went out with two sisters, we were friends."

Back on track, Weinstein continued, "Prince Albert was at a bar, and I said, 'come over here!' I didn’t say 'Prince Albert' or 'Your Highness' or whatever, and he came over. And Roger was at the bar and said, 'Now that’s the King of Cannes!'"