Harvey Weinstein's New York Trial Jury Set

Harvey Weinstein enters New York City Criminal Court January 16 2020 - Getty - H 2020
Scott Heins/Getty Images

A majority-male jury panel has been selected in the former movie mogul’s trial for sexual assault and rape.

The 12 men and women who will serve as jurors in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial have been picked.

The jury, which will convene again Wednesday, Jan. 22, to hear opening arguments from the defense and prosecution, is majority male, with seven male and five female jurors.

The panel will include four African Americans and eight Caucasians. The group includes a lawyer, an author, an accountant, a security guard, a banker and a New York government employee.

Seven jurors were picked Thursday, the first day of formal juror selection, and five more were picked Friday morning. 

Three individuals — two women and one man — have been picked as alternates. Originally, six alternative jurors were expected to be selected for the case, but both the prosecution and defense said that three jurors would be adequate for the case.

Throughout the process, lead prosecutor Joan Illuzzi has argued that Weinstein’s team sought to “systematically exclude” white women, particularly young ones. On the other side, Weinstein lawyer Damon Cheronis argued that the prosecution was trying to exclude men from the jury.

Judge James Burke did not buy either side’s argument and granted the respective preemptive challenge motions of both parties.

After more than a week of seating panels of 120 jurors on a daily basis, followed by the submission of written questionnaires, the more formal selection process went quickly.

At the conclusion of the selection process, the judge told three of the jurors: "Get used to saying to the people that you know, whether it be electronically or otherwise, that you cannot discuss any of this with them."

To the remaining pool of prospective jurors, who had not been called, the judge told them to "have a good life." He added, "I really do appreciate it. You guys went through a lot."

As he left the court room Friday, Weinstein was asked whether he's "happy" with the jury. "I'm not taking questions," he replied, directing the reporter to his lead lawyer, Donna Rotunno. Weinstein has not commented to the press throughout the case.