Hasan Minhaj, Stephen Colbert Swap White House Correspondents' Dinner Stories

Stephen Colbert and Hasan Minhaj-June 6, 2017 -Publicity -H 2017
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

The 'Daily Show' correspondent also recalled being profiled in Alabama.

Stephen Colbert wanted to hear a story from Hasan Minhaj about his Daily Show correspondent experiences, and Minhaj was happy to oblige.

He said the Daily Show's lowest ratings are in Alabama, so the correspondents were sent to do a slew of stories there. Minhaj was working on a story about guns and walked into a store to try and purchase one.

"Hey man, let me get a gun," he told the man at the store. Minhaj said the man replied, "Hey man, you could be in ISIS." Minhaj said he had to tell himself not to smile and stay in the moment.

"I wasn't offended," laughed Minhaj. "I was flattered that this guy thinks that ISIS, this global terror organization, is like, 'You know what we need? We need like an Indian boy band member.'"

Colbert laughed and suggested that there's the crazy one, the bomber and then the cute one, which is the role that Minhaj can fill. "Zayn said no," joked Minhaj.

The comedians also spoke about what it was like hosting the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which Minhaj emceed this year and Colbert hosted in 2006. "It's a weird room," said Minhaj. "It's a very strange room," agreed Colbert. The difference between the two WHCD hosts is that Colbert had George W. Bush in the room while Donald Trump famously declined to attend this year's dinner.

"I was getting ready for him to burst through the double doors like a professional wrestler," said Minhaj. "I had like a card ready called 'Def-Con Orange' in case he showed up."

Colbert said he cut some jokes on the fly while he was up there and asked Minhaj if he did the same. Minhaj said he did all the jokes he wanted to perform, but that he was surprised by how insulted people were when he mocked USA Today.