Hasbro to Help Operation Board Game Creator Pay for $25,000 Operation

John Spinello H 2014
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The toy company plans to buy the designer's prototype of its popular game

Toy giant Hasbro said on Thursday that it will help cover the medical costs for the creator of its popular game Operation, who needs a $25,000 operation of his own and can't afford it.

John Spinello created Operation in the early 1960s and sold the rights to it for $500.

In a statement, Hasbro confirmed it plans to buy Spinello's prototype of Operation for an undisclosed amount to help defray his medical expenses.

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Toy designers Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown have been collecting donations for their 77-year-old friend through their ILoveOperation website and a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdrise. To aid the fundraising, Spinello offered to sell his Operation prototype. The campaign met its $25,000 goal on Wednesday and caught the attention of Hasbro along the way.

"We were moved to see the recent outpouring of support from so many fans of the Operation game around the world regarding the medical needs of the game's original inventor," Hasbro said in its statement. "Yesterday, we informed Mr. Spinello that Hasbro plans to purchase the prototype with the hope that the funds will help to defray his medical costs. We plan to proudly display it at Hasbro's global headquarters in Pawtucket, RI, to honor his contribution to Hasbro's gaming history."

Spinello and his wife, Madeline, told ABC News that "We feel positive about Hasbro purchasing the prototype — we're very happy about it."