Haunted 'American Idol' House Sells for $11.2 Million

Michael Becker / FOX

Toy mogul buys the Beverly Hills mansion that "Idol" contestants fled from in Season 10.

The allegedly "haunted" 15,000-square-foot Spanish-style Beverly Hills mansion that housed contestants during the most recent season of Idol has changed ownership. Toy mogul Steven B. Dunn has purchased the house for $11.2 million; it was listed for $12 million. Dunn is the CEO of the baby product store Munchkin. Munchkin sells such baby products as their Soft Animal Stackers, which won Creative Child Magazine’s Top Toy of the year award in 2009.

The Idol contestants moved out of the house halfway through the season because of such spooky occurrences such as flickering lights and, according to singer James Durbin, an incident in which he opened the garage door and saw something that looked like a ghostly white hand fall from the top of the door. Contestants also reported that there was a serious spider infestation in the house.

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"Me and Pia [Toscano] were upstairs and the doors flew open. We were watching a scary movie before that and we were [already] freaked out. Me and Pia decided we were going to sleep downstairs, and James Durbin was making fun of us. [Then] he opens the garage door and supposedly sees a hand fall down," said runner-up Lauren Alania to E! Online.  
The mansion has nine beds, nine baths, enough room to park 100 cars, and a large pool. No word on whether the ghosts are still there.