Another 'Haunting' in the works

Ti West to direct Georgia-set pic

"The Haunting in Connecticut" is moving down the coast.

Producer Gold Circle is developing "The Haunting in Georgia," a follow-up to this spring's surprise hit.

The original supernatural thriller centered on a family that moves to a new state and begins to experience spooky events at their home. The new pic is expected to follow a somewhat similar path but with a new family in a new state.

The ICM-repped Ti West, who helmed the recent 1980's-set horror tale "House of the Devil," has signed on to direct "Georgia." Peter Cornwell directed the first pic.

David Coggeshall, also repped by ICM, is writing the "Georgia" screenplay. The writer penned the upcoming Gold Circle thriller "Solo."

Lionsgate, which distributed "Connecticut," could also release "Georgia," though the company has not yet announced a formal deal. The mini-major has been seeking new franchises as earlier ones such as "Saw" grow long in the tooth.

"Connecticut" became one of the breakouts of a surprisingly muscular first quarter at the box office, earning $55 million domestically despite no stars and a modest budget. The pic is currently the twenty-fifth most profitable film of the year.