'Havana Motor Club' Doc Explores Cuba Through Street Racing (Exclusive Video)

The documentary, which will premiere at Tribeca, follows the underground Havana racing community.

Change is coming by way of American hot rods in the documentary set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month, Havana Motor Club.

The film depicts the story of Cuba’s underground drag racing community and their pursuit to hold the first official car race since the 1959 Revolution. It is told through different viewpoints of characters in the racing community. Here, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the trailer for the doc, and a new poster.

As the racers prepare to put on the race, it is evident the struggles of these characters extend far beyond racing. Their lives, including their families, are affected by recent Cuban reforms. One racer is faced with a huge decision of selling his motor so he can flee Cuba on a raft headed to Florida, while another enlists the help of a Cuban American patron in Miami to bring parts for his Porsche as he tries to outdo his competitor. At the same time, the community faces the dilemma of whether the race will actually happen due to various factors, like the elitist nature of the sport. Director Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt produced the doc with Zelmira Gainza and Magnus Andersson.

These characters know there is more to life than racing, but for some, these cars are all they have. When a man is asked why he races, he says, “It makes you a bigger person, no?”

Havana Motor Club's worldwide premiere is on April 19 at Regal Battery Park Stadium 11, followed by a Q&A with the Perlmutt and film's subjects.

Watch the trailer above, and see the new poster below.