Hawthorne Heights inks Wind-Up deal

Covers recordings, merch, publishing, touring

NEW YORK -- Hawthorne Heights has signed a multirights deal with Wind-Up Records, involving future recordings, merchandise, music publishing and touring.

Online, retail and touring merchandise sales will be handled by Wind-Up's Pronto Merch, while the band's publishing will now be represented by Wind-Up's Sakyamuni Music Publishing, Llc. Touring will be worked through Wind-up Artist Development Corp.

Hawthorne Heights exploded out of Dayton, Ohio, with its 2004 Victory debut, "The Silence in Black and White." The album has sold 929,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

But the group became embroiled in a heated lawsuit against Victory for breach of contract. The label counter-sued, claiming rights to release future albums from the band. The suit was resolved last summer, with Victory releasing a new Hawthorne Heights album, "Fragile Future."

The band's Wind-Up debut is due this year.