Haylie Duff Talks Uni, Okra, Quinoa and More

Yoni Goldberg

The actress, singer and new cookbook author takes THR's Taste Test.

Haylie Duff, the 7th Heaven veteran, has turned her attention in recent years to her cooking blog, The Real Girl's Kitchen, an enterprise that this month begat a cookbook of the same name filled with straightforward recipes (corn chowder, steamed fish) informed by her distinctly L.A. treks to farmers' markets and boutique butchers. "I'm self-taught," she tells THR of her cooking skills. "I'm definitely not a chef. I'm OK with messing up sometimes and not getting everything perfect -- and there's something really relatable there for people that aren't so seasoned in the kitchen." Up next: She's taping episodes of a planned Real Girl's Kitchen digital series for Ora TV, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's nascent network.

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Current Fixation
"Quinoa with lemony veggies from Peels restaurant in New York City."

Known for Cooking
"Kale salads."

Destination Dinner
"Georgio Baldi, for the truffle corn ravioli."

Go-to Take-Out
"Sushi from Yatai."

Adventurous Bite
"I just tried uni for the first time at the Hungry Cat in Santa Monica. Loved it!"

Simply Won't Eat
"Raw onions. Yuck."

Favorite Snack
"Marcona almonds, cherry tomatoes, or avocados."

Preferred Company
"Girlfriends! Never a dull moment."

Big Wish
"That all restaurants would adopt the farm-to-table mentality, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients."

Guilty Pleasure
"Crispy rice and spicy tuna from Katsuya and gooey cheeses, like Brie."

Last Meal
"Probably some of the foods that I grew up on in Texas, like fried okra, mac and cheese and fried chicken with honey. Hey, it's my last meal -- throw a biscuit in there too."