What: HBO Emmy party

Where: Pacific Design Center

Atmosphere: The party was Brazilian-themed with a palmlike central chandelier, geometric ice sculptures, libations by Belvedere Vodka, modern furnishings and flatware and a color palette of cool greens and blues.

Entertainment: A pulsing DJ-and-drummer duo, who kept the dance floor full and bystanders' heads bobbing.

Highlights: Politics was in the air. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told THR of his affection for "John Adams" (both the book and miniseries) and Don Rickles. Also lauded by many guests was the civic-themed "Recount."

"John Adams" executive producer Gary Goetzman confessed his undying love for Laura Linney ("If I wasn't married, I'd ask her to marry me"), as well as the secret to HBO's sterling industry reputation: "Where else could you work with people who, if they weren't executives, could themselves be filmmakers?"

Jon Voight was in attendance with his goddaughter: "I've been taking her to these things since she was 10. Now, she's the boss."

Also in attendance were Paul Giamatti, Tom Hanks, Larry David, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, David Alan Grier, Charles S. Dutton, Adrian Grenier and several other celebs.