HBO Bans 'Game of Thrones' Viewing Party at Brooklyn Bar

Dani Game of Thrones Ep 2 Trailer - H 2015

"HBO should not be made available in public establishments."

Dragons come at a price. HBO recently sent a cease and desist letter to the owners of Videology bar in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, asking them to stop their Game of Thrones weekly viewing parties.

"As a pay subscription service, HBO should not be made available in public establishments," a spokesperson for the network told the Daily News  "When it does happen, it is of particular concern when there is an attempt to profit off the programming. We have taken such actions for well over a decade."

Videology announced the news on their Twitter account, saying the network's letter was "very polite but official." The bar and video rental store has shown the drama in the past, with some fans coming to the viewings dressed in costume.

"Seeing that many other bars in the neighborhood and around the city were showing it, we made the assumption that HBO believed, as we do, that public screenings were in the best interest of both HBO and the fans, since GOT is enjoyed on a deeper level as a communal event," co-owner Wendy Chamberlain told the NYDN. "But in the end, it's not up to us."

THR has reached out to HBO for comment.