HBO CEO: TV Will Weather Digital Evolution

Richard Plepler - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

Richard Plepler - H 2015

The HBO boss told the Banff festival that the premium network will continue to offer consumers programming value across a range of platforms, including broadband-only homes.

HBO CEO Richard Plepler on Tuesday said TV can survive in the digital age if it continues to offer consumers fresh and original content across a range of platforms.

"I don't think the ecosystem is dead at all. I think the ecosystem perhaps of large bundles in the future is going to and is evolving in a different ways," Plepler said during a keynote speech at the Banff World Media Festival.

"But if you're us, what you want to do is continue to present great value to the consumer," he added.

Plepler said the key to survival in the digital age is continuing to offer fresh and original voices as part of HBO's value proposition. "If you look at this ecosystem, this most competitive ecosystem, so many people are doing good work, and we have more quality on the air than any time in history, and more variety on air," he argued.

His appearance in Banff came as HBO is being honored this year as the company of distinction. Plepler said HBO was keen to work with carriers like Comcast and Charter-TWC, who figure among a growing market of broadband-only homes that the premium network is eager to target for growth.

"We hope very much they will join in the bundling of the content," the exec said as part of a joint bid to bolster broadband and continue to grow HBO's U.S. market.

"We're saying to Charter and Comcast, 'Bundle and grow with us,'" Plepler added.

The HBO boss also pointed to YouTube, where content from shows like Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is increasingly going viral and helping to grow the network's customer base.

"By putting [content] on YouTube, more and more people are starting to touch the brand in more and more different ways," said Plepler. "As people touch the brand, people want to be part of it."