HBO Europe Greenlights 'Patria' as First Spanish-Language Original

Fernando Aramburu and novel Patria

Pablo Trapero and Felix Viscarret will direct the eight-part adaptation of Fernando Aramburu's novel about Basque separatist terrorism, seen from the viewpoint of two families divided by the violent conflict.

HBO Europe has greenlighted Patria, an adaptation of Fernando Aramburu's best-selling novel about the Basque separatist conflict, as its first-ever Spanish-language original series.

Aitor Gabilondo has adapted Aramburu’s novel, which follows two families divided by the separatist movement, and the violent terrorism carried out by Basque separatist group ETA.

Pablo Trapero (The Clan) and Felix Viscarret (Under the Stars) will direct the eight-part series Alea Media will produce for HBO Europe with the participation of HBO Latin America. The story of Patria rolls out over 30 years of ETA's separatist terrorism in northern Spain. The lives of Bittori and her family are torn apart the day ETA kills her husband, Txato, on his doorstep. Her friendship with Miren, whose son is part of an ETA command, comes to an end. Over the next decades, the two deal with grief and moral contradictions as they struggle to find a way to reconcile and move forward.

Gabilondo has spent nearly a year adapting Patria for the screen. It will be the first original series from HBO Espana, HBO Europe's Spanish division, which launched last year.

“It is the perfect project to kick off HBO Europe’s drama slate in Spain,” said Antony Root, executive vp original programming and production at HBO Europe, calling Patria “a personal, human story that unfolds against the backdrop of political violence in the Basque country, and which explores themes of grief, community and forgiveness, at once acutely local and affectingly universal.”

Patria is set to begin shooting in Spain's Basque region in early 2019 for 2020 day-and-date release across all HBO Europe territories, as well as on HBO Latin America and in the U.S. on HBO Go.