HBO Europe Rejigging Channel Lineup

Game of Thrones 10 - H 2015
Courtesy of HBO

The three new streamlined channels in Central and Eastern Europe will focus on blockbusters, family entertainment and original series.

HBO Europe is re-launching its linear channels in Central and Eastern Europe to showcase its best programming on three networks with different content focus.

From March 21, HBO, HBO2 and HBO3 will air U.S. and local fare. HBO will focus on original production premieres, including the latest Hollywood hits, U.S.- and locally produced fiction and documentaries. Running 24 hours a day, all the main HBO original drama series will air simultaneously with HBO in the U.S.

HBO2 will air family content for up to 24 hours a day, drawing on its "huge library of movies and TV series." Comedy, family and children’s movies will run during the daytime, with evenings offering "a wide selection of drama, comedy, thriller, action and horror films," HBO said. "This is television for all the family."

HBO3 — formerly HBO Comedy — has been rebranded and dedicated to HBO original content, bringing subscribers "the very best of HBO local and international original productions, including award-winning HBO U.S. and local original production series and movies." Also available 24 hours a day, HBO3 will air full seasons of recent and cult HBO U.S. programming, as well as HBO Europe local shows.

The changes streamline local channels across the region. In addition, HBO2 will now be available in Romania, Bulgaria and other parts of the Balkans for the first time. Previously, the Balkans region offered only two HBO channels, with other European territories having three.

Subscribers to HBO Nordic and HBO Netherlands are unaffected by the changes, HBO said.

"The changes bring the very best of premium television programming to our subscribers." HBO said. "This is a response to the interest subscribers have demonstrated in top-quality TV series drawn from across the market."