HBO Europe Unveils Teaser for First Scandinavian Original

Lukas Moodysson

The child psychologist Gösta who the show is named after gets his first job in a small rural town.

HBO Europe on Thursday unveiled the first teaser for Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodysson’s first original TV series and HBO Europe's first Scandinavian original, the 12-part Gösta.

The first four 30-minute episodes of the comedy will premiere across HBO Europe’s territories on July 1, followed by two episodes on subsequent Mondays. 

The show focuses on Gösta, a 28-year old child psychologist who gets his first job in a small rural town. He wants to be the kindest person in the world and help everyone he meets. "Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not…," a plot description concludes.

The series is written and directed by Moodysson (Show Me Love, We Are the Best!). Vilhelm Blomgren stars as the titular character, joined by Amy Deasismont as his girlfriend Melissa, Mattias Silvell as his father, Clara Drake as his patient Saga, Regina Lund as his mother, Elisabet Carlsson as his colleague, Nidhal Fares as his lodger Hussein and Gustav Berg as his friend Jonas.

The series is produced by Lars Jönsson, Memfis Film. Executive producers for HBO are Hanne Palmquist, Steve Matthews and Antony Root.

REinvent Studios International Sales are handling international sales outside of HBO Europe territories.

Watch the teaser below.