HBO Go, CNBC among Google TV partners

Netflix, Turner also in for launch; CBS, Viacom wait for now

NEW YORK -- Content and tech media companies, from Time Warner and NBC Universal to Netflix and others, started coming out of the woodwork Monday to tout their participation in Internet giant Google's new Google TV service.

Most are making available content that they already have online by optimizing Websites for Google TV viewing or launching interactive applications that other services, such as Apple TV, aren't offering at this stage.

The service was first announced about five months ago, and TV sets with Google TV capability and dedicated Google TV boxes will start becoming available this month. But a price tag and potential other content offers have yet to be detailed.

Google TV tries to combine the best of the TV and Web worlds. While reports have said that Hollywood giants have taken a careful approach to working with Google TV to avoid cutting into established revenue streams, Google has emphasized it will not start creating its own content.

Time Warner's HBO said Monday it will offer HBO Go, its online video destination for authenticated HBO subscribers, on Google TV. HBO Go uses Flash technology, which Apple isn't using, but which works on Google TV.

Time Warner's Turner unit is also working on optimizing some of its most popular Websites for Google TV, including TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and CNN, Google said.

Meanwhile, NBC Universal's CNBC will bring a real-time financial news and data app to the Google TV platform.The app brings together such material as stock quotes, stock watch lists, programming from CNBC Asia and Europe, as well as CNBC editors' picks for the most important news videos of the day.

The NBA is offering NBA Game Time, an app that allows users to follow game scores and catch latest game highlights. 

Netflix will offer it online streaming service to Google TV users, and Amazon Video on Demand will serve up its more than 75,000 titles for rental or purchase.

And online music service Vevo said it will make available a customized catalogue of music programming on-demand or via autoplay through any Google TV device. It will be joined by fellow online music services Napster and Pandora.

Google is, of course, also making viral videos from its own YouTube available on Google TV screens in what it calls "YouTube Leanback."
And Twitter, and others have also worked to optimize their Websites for Google TV.

Meanwhile, Viacom is not making any content available for Google TV, a spokeswoman said. The two companies have been in long-running litigation over YouTube. 

Google in a blog post Monday said it is hoping to enable innovation in Hollywood and elsewhere with its new service. "One of our goals with Google TV is to finally open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers," said Ambarish Kenghe, developer product manager, Google TV.

"The Google TV platform allows our premiere news brands, such as CNBC, the opportunity to engage their core audience in new ways by providing them with a personalized experience directly on the TV screen," said Michael Schreiber, vp, digital distribution, NBC Universal.