HBO Max to Release Gina Rodriguez-Starrer 'Bobbie Sue'

Gina Rodriguez

Charles Stone III is set to direct.

HBO Max is set release the long-gestating Warner Bros. feature film Bobbie Sue.

The project, which has been with the studio since 2008, will star Gina Rodriguez and be directed by Drumline filmmaker Charles Stone III. 

In the movie, Rodriguez will play Bobbie Sue, who, after being raised among four rowdy brothers in a blue-collar neighborhood, is a scrappy, headstrong young lawyer that lands a career-making case with an upper-crust law firm, only to realize she’s been hired for optics and not her expertise. But after discovering that her powerful client, a lifelong idol of hers, is trying to cover up exploiting workers within her company, Bobbie Sue decides to take both her and the law firm on — caution and etiquette be damned. 

Donald De Line will produce.

“Giving a project like Bobbie Sue the reach and accessibility that HBO Max provides is what every filmmaker is looking for right now,” De Line said Tuesday in a statement. “Gina Rodriguez and Charles Stone III both have an incredible talent for bringing rich characters, timely stories and authentic worlds to life.”

It was recently announced that HBO Max has picked up Melissa McCarthy's upcoming original comedy Superintelligence, which was originally slated to hit theaters on Dec. 20 and now will instead premiere when the streaming platform launches in the spring. HBO Max recently produced its first feature, UNpregnant, starring Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira, with plans to debut the movie at launch.