HBO, OSTN admit 'Addiction'


HBO has partnered with the Open Student Television Network to bring its documentary series "Addiction" to college students nationwide, the premium cable network said Monday.

Presented as a public service initiative, the series launched in the form of a 90-minute feature-length film centering around various stories of addiction and medical advances in treatment.

Additionally, a series of 13 short films exploring different aspects of addiction, including interviews with experts on the topic and how families deal with those with addictive behavior is available for viewing through the IPTV service.

"It is important for college students to understand that addiction is a brain disease with treatable options, and "Addiction" gets this message across in a powerful way," said Joe Snee, vp lodging and special markets at HBO.

"Addiction," which premiered on HBO in March, involves the work of numerous documentary filmmakers including Jon Alpert, Rory Kennedy and Kate Davis.

"We are hopeful that the information conveyed by "Addiction" will help college students better understand the issue and recognize that they can take control of their situation and help others to do so as well," said Prashant Chopra, CEO, OSTN.

OSTN is an IPTV content and services channel devoted to showcasing student-produced programming and delivered to 41 million subscribers at 4,500 university campuses and in 36 countries.

In the U.S., its program streams are available to educational institutions through the Internet2 and National LambdRail networks.
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