HBO picks up 'Teenage Paparazzo'

Grenier's doc played Sundance, features Damon, Hilton

HBO has picked up the rights to "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier's documentary "Teenage Paparazzo."

The film is about the true story of a 14-year-old paparazzo's relationship with Grenier. After meeting during a night on the town, Grenier put a camera onto the celebrity photographer to document his world.

"It was a natural reaction to seeing a young doe-eyed kid wielding a huge camera taking pictures of celebrities late at night to wonder what's going on here," Grenier said. "I've grown to learn a lot about the paparazzi and what makes them tick, and I learned about my ability to be exploitative in my own way."

An official selection at Sundance, the film features interviews with Matt Damon, Eva Longoria Parker, Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin and Whoopi Goldberg, along with historians, critics, fans, bloggers, publishers and tabloid writers.

HBO had previously picked up Grenier's documentary about his search for his father, "Shot in the Dark."

As for next season's "Entourage," Grenier's character, Vince, will shoot a movie called "The Takeover" that's "directed" by Nick Cassavetes and promises viewers will see a different side of Vince.

"They're going to get a whole new Vince this year," Grenier said. "He's grappling with life-and-death circumstances."
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