HBO's 'Eastbound & Down' ratings up

Season 2 premiere posts gains; 'Boardwalk Empire' falls 31%

The Season 2 premiere of "Eastbound & Down" posted big gains for HBO.

The Danny McBride comedy returned to 1.7 million viewers Sunday, 150% higher than its Season 1 premiere. It is great news for HBO, though not hugely surprising given the show's snowballing cult status among fans and clever relocation of the setting to Mexico.

"Eastbound" improved greatly on its lead-in "Bored to Death" (1.1 million), which was up 2% compared with last year.

The second week of "Boardwalk Empire" fell to 3.3 million viewers, down 31%.

If first repeats are included, "Boardwalk" had 4.4 million viewers, "Bored" had 1.5 million and "Eastbound" had 2 million. The first episode of "Boardwalk" surpassed 11 million viewers, with on-demand and DVR data still coming in.

Meanwhile, Syfy's "Sharktopus" gobbled 2.5 million viewers Saturday night. It marks the network's best showing by a Saturday creature feature in September.
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