Hear Kristen Bell and Straight No Chaser's "Text Me Merry Christmas" Song

Text Me Merry Christmas - H 2014

Text Me Merry Christmas - H 2014

"Voicemail, that's from Christmas past"

Move over "Baby It's Cold Outside," there's a new holiday duet in town. Kristen Bell and a cappella group Straight No Chaser have released a music video for their new song, "Text Me Merry Christmas," and it is the perfect anthem for our technologically dependent selves.

Bell's earnest voice adds an extra level of hilarity to the song, which has lyrics like "Text me Merry Christmas/ Send a selfie too/ If you do, I’ll go ‘Neath the mistletoe/ And pretend my screen is you."

Watch the video below and sing along. Don't worry if you feel the compulsive need to share it with friends across social media platforms — it's all in the spirit of the song.

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