'The Heat' Director Paul Feig Reacts to Melissa McCarthy Photoshop Controversy: 'It's a Bummer'

Rob Kim/Getty Images
Paul Feig at "The Heat" premiere

“I love Melissa exactly how she is,” the helmer says of the digitally altered film poster.

The Heat director Paul Feig is defending his star in the wake of a Photoshop controversy that found Melissa McCarthy’s image significantly altered in a promotional image for the film.

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“It’s a bummer,” Feig told The Huffington Post when asked about the incident. “I love Melissa exactly how she is.”

Feig acknowledged that one of the problems in that situation is that he has “very little to do with” the marketing materials, “especially in the foreign markets.”

The image in question (a poster for the film’s U.K. release) featured a significantly slimmed down, nearly unrecognizable McCarthy next to her co-star, Sandra Bullock.  Some critics estimated that photo editors had shaved up to 30 pounds from McCarthy’s face and frame.

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McCarthy joked about the drama while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the film's New York premiere.

"Ben did it," she said, referring to her husband Ben Falcone. "We had a big fight about it because I said I wanted it 80 percent smaller and he said he wanted it 70 percent."

In his interview with HuffPo, Feig also compares McCarthy to comedy veteran Steve Carell and discusses how Bullock adapted to the improv-heavy environment. Read the full piece here.

The Heat opens nationwide on June 28.