Heath Ledger wins SAG Award

Actor singled out again for his 'Dark Knight' performance

Heath Ledger nominated for an Oscar
Heath Ledger wins Golden Globe

The Screen Actors Guild became the latest group to honor Heath Ledger posthumously as it named him best male actor in a supporting role for his performance as the psychotic Joker in "The Dark Knight."

Ledger, who died just over a year ago of an accidental drug overdose, was recognized on Thursday when he received an Oscar nomination. Earlier this month, he was remembered at the Golden Globe Awards, where he also was awarded a supporting actor trophy.

Ledger had received two previous nominations from SAG. Three years ago, he was nominated for his lead role in "Brokeback Mountain" and he shared in "Brokeback's" cast nomination.

That year, though, those two awards went to Philip Seymour Hoffman for "Capote" and the cast of "Crash," respectively. Both Hoffman and "Crash" went on to Oscar glory.