Heathrow Airport to Launch New Personal Shopping Lounge

Courtesy of Havas Formula

Your next London layover just got a lot more fun.

International airports, especially in Europe, are notorious for having an exhaustive array of designers and fashion houses alongside the requisite Duty Free shops. But oftentimes the travel-weary are too tired to spend much time perusing the wares, delectable as they may be.

But London's Heathrow Airport — voted the best airport for shopping by passengers the last seven years — has found a way to make the most of what it offers with a new personal shopping service and lounge launching in Terminal 3 this summer. It's part of a 40 million pound program, which included redesigned luxury boutiques that echo each brand's flagship look.

Those with a long layover or extra time can book the service 48 hours in advance online, and a representative will reach out in to find out what they're looking for, budget and available time. Options will be pulled from stores throughout the airport's four terminals, including Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, for which Heathrow forecasts an uptick in interest thanks to creative director Alessandro Michele's celeb connections on social media.

The personal shopper will meet guests after security, and take them to the new private lounge (there is currently one in Terminal 2 as well) where selections can be made. The accredited stylists collectively speak more than 14 languages, and can help guests pre-reserve seasonal items, ensuring they don't miss out on that coveted Prada bag or scarf. 

Understandably, there are many Burberry trench coats being purchased through the service, which is free. But over the last two years fine watches and jewelry have been the most frequently purchased category — especially as gifts. Shoppers have also used the service to purchase something as simple as a Kit Kat.

This new lounge will offer the World's Most Connected Mirror, making things even more fun. The interactive mirror allows shoppers to connect through social media as they admire their reflection and get immediate feedback in real time on what they're trying on. Obviously Instagram approval is what really matters, so Heathrow scores major points for that feature.