Heavy D Dies at 44: What Hollywood is Saying

Heavy D
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Rapper Heavy D, a highly influential artist of the 1990s, died on Tuesday, Nov. 8. He was 44-years-old. Among Heavy D's acting credits are roles in The Cider House Rules, The Tracy Morgan Show, Bones, Law & Order: SVU and most recently, Brett Ratner's Tower Heist.

Russell Simmons, Ice T and Nick Cannon are among those sounding off on the rapper's sudden death.

The sudden death of rapper Heavy D hit Twitter Tuesday afternoon at only 44 years old, eliciting the speediest responses and expressions of grief from many members of the hip hop community.

Sean Kingston, Lupe Fiasco and Russell Simmons were among the first to share their condolences for the influential performer.

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A part of Heavy D & the Boyz, he might best be remembered for the song "Now That We Found Love," though he continued to work until his death, branching out into acting. He most recently appeared as a security guard in Brett Ratner's Tower Heist.

Heavy D, born Dwight Arington Myers, had taken to Twitter the evening before his death to lament the passing of boxer Joe Frazier. His final tweet, another presumed response to Frazier, reads "BE INSPIRED!" It's being heavily reposted in the wake of his own death.

STORY: Rapper Heavy D Dies at 44-Years-Old

For most, however, there are just expressions of admiration and grief. Among them:

Gabrielle Union (FlashForward)
So sad 2 hear Heavy D has passed away...always a good man, friend...never on some negative ish...terrible loss! #RIPHEAVYD

Lupe Fiasco (Rapper)
RIP Heavy D...God Bless!!!

Jackée Harry (227)
RIP Heavy D: Hip Hop Legend, Music Exec, ... All Around GREAT Guy. #GoneTooSoon

Russell Simmons (Def Jam co-founder)
I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Heavy D. A long time friend and a beautiful person

Sean Kingston (Singer)
R.I.P Rap legend Heavy D One Of The Most Influential Rappers Of The '90s Era... Another Sad Day For Music You Will Def Be Missed Man

Sinbad (Comedian)
It is a sad day today .. My younger yellow brother from another mother "heavy D " passed away today. I loved that brother. He was a good man

Nas (Rapper)

QuestLove (Singer, The Roots)
Please someone tell me this Heavy D jawn is a joke. PLEASE.

Luke Russert (MSNBC)
"It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine" #HeavyD dead at 44

Yvette Nicole Brown (Community)
This one really hurts. Heavy D -- Dead at 44 🙁

Nick Cannon (Up All Night)
RIP Heavy D

Taraji P Henson (Person of Interest)
ife is soooooo precious & SHORT! Do NOT take 1 millisecond 4 granted u never know when ur time is up! I gotta go...need a minute w/this 1

Ice T
Terrible news 'Heavy D' died today.. Rest In Peace homie...