'Hector's Journey' secures new funding

Katja von Garnier is directing adaptation of best-seller

COLOGNE, Germany -- "Hector's Journey," the new feature from "The Last Station" producers Egoli Tossell, has picked up further financing, securing a €500,000 ($670,000) subsidy from the German Federal Film Board.

Katja von Garnier ("Blood and Chocolate") is directing the picture, which is based on Frank Lelord's best-selling novel about a psychiatrist who travels the world to find the secret of happiness. Egoli Tossell is co-producing with Warner Bros. Germany.

Maria von Heland, who wrote and directed the Egoli Tossell/Deutsche Columbia co-production "Girls Don't Cry" (2002) is penning the script. Shooting is set to start this summer in Germany and around the world. Regional funding body MDM, which helped back "The Last Station," has put up €400,000 ($ 535,000) towards "Hector."

The FFA also committed a half million Euros $736,000 towards the production of "7 Dwarves 3," the latest entry in the hugely successful German comedy franchise; and $670,000 for "Berlin Mitte," a high society satire from veteran director Helmut Dietl ("Rossini").
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