Hedi Slimane Is Not Involved With YSL's New Beauty Ads

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The Saint Laurent Paris creative director has released an official statement

Saint Laurent Paris creative director Hedi Slimane has an announcement: He isn't involved with the latest YSL Beaute fragrance campaign for Black Opium, at all.

In a press release posted on Saint Laurent's official Twitter, the message read:

"Hedi Slimane has been mentioned several times in the press in connection with the introduction in the market of Black Opium with Edie Campbell by Yves Saint Laurent Beaute (L’Oreal Group). It is appropriate to [specify] that no creative direction has been given by Hedi Slimane on the market launches and on the choices of artistic elements, or definition of image, related to the product lines or the advertising campaigns of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, including the ones of Black Opium."

Basically, he doesn't want to be associated with an ad that doesn't reflect his own brand (there's a reason he removed "Yves" from Saint Laurent, after all). Though it's understandable that there might be some confusion with the labels that look like they're related, YSL Beauty is actually owned by the L'Oreal Group. And now you know.

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