Heidi Clements Named Co-Executive Producer of Entertainment Tonight (Exclusive)

Mark Steines

She replaces Brad Bessey, who is now running CBS daytime chat show "The Talk."

Heidi Clements has been named co-executive producer of Entertainment Tonight.

The announcement comes from Linda Bell Blue, ep of the top-rated syndicated infotainment magazine. Clements and Bell Blue have worked together since 2004 when Clements joined The Insider, ET’s CBS Television Distribution sister magazine.

“She’s my right hand,” says Bell Blue. “She’s tough. She’s very opinionated. She’s very intuitively into the content of the show. She’s just very on top of it.”

Adds Clements: “We have a great working relationship and real friendship. It’s fun on every level.”

Clements replaces Brad Bessey, who is now running CBS daytime chat show The Talk.

Clements’ promotion comes as the 30-year-old ET is undergoing a transition, saying goodbye to Mary Hart, who has hosted since 1982. Nancy O’Dell – former Access Hollywood co-host and current ET correspondent– will take over for Hart at the end of this season.

“It will be a very smooth transition,” says Bell Blue. “Both Nancy and Mary are very gracious.”

As for ET’s longevity, Clements says it’s about striking the right tone.

“The shows that come in and lob spitballs at celebrities from the back row aren’t going to last as long as Entertainment Tonight,” says Clements. “We simply tell the story. So while a story might have negative aspects to it, we’re not adding our own opinion and negativity to it. We’re just putting it out there. And I think that’s what separates it from the other ones.”

Clements and Bell Blue recently returned from a reconnaissance mission to London for the show’s coverage of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It will be Hart’s last big story and a huge endeavor for both ET and The Insider. ET and The Insider will each have their hosts as well as multiple correspondents in London and the shows will broadcast from London during the week leading up to the April 29 wedding.

“It’s going to be the Oscars times ten,” says Bell Blue.