Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume: I [Play] Dead People (Photos)


The "Project Runway" host went all (inside) out for her Las Vegas Halloween party; gets rolled in on a hospital gurney.

Heidi Klum went all out this year for Halloween… literally.

The model and mother of four is known for her elaborate Halloween costumes. In 2006 she went as Eve’s apple: “I had an extra challenge with this Halloween costume working around my eight-month pregnant belly,” Klum wrote on her website. Her husband, Seal, came dressed as Eve.

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In 2008 she came as the Hindu goddess Kali, complete with blue face makeup and eight arms. Her memorable costume last year was a red and purple superhero, made with built-in stilts that had the 5’9” host of Project Runway towering over her guests at more than eight feet tall.

This year, Klum hosted her 13th Halloween party Saturday night at Tao Las Vegas and arrived in dramatic fashion: wheeled in on a hospital gurney by two doctors, covered with a bloody white bed sheet. As the doctors lifted the sheet, Klum’s naked body was revealed. Well, sort of. She was covered in a skintight body suit to appear as though her skin was ripped off.

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Klum documented her nearly four-hour transformation on her twitter, tweeting pics from the makeup chair as her team airbrushed her face and body.

Klum also tried to start a “twitter war” with Kim Kardashian after the reality star revealed her sexy green poison ivy costume. “I think I look sexier than you tonight!! ;)” she tweeted with a pic. Kardashian responded: “I’m scared!LOL I want u 2 pick my costume nxt yr.”

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This is one of two costumes this year for Klum. She also revealed a hairy sneak peak to her other Halloween costume… and it looks like this one will be a monkey. Klum will be hosting a Halloween bash Monday night at the Dream hotel's rooftop nightclub, Ph-D. 

Two "doctors" wheeled Klum in to the bash on a hospital gurney.

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