Heidi Will Get Stuffed Into VIP Gift Bags at the Oscars

The Facebook phenomenon, Germany's newest animal celebrity, will take on a new role predicting this year's Oscars winner.

COLOGNE, Germany - Heidi is heading to the Oscars. Reuters reports that a plush toy version of the cross-eyed German opossum, and Facebook phenomenon, Heidi will get stuffed into VIP gift bags at the Oscars.

German toymaker Koesener, which has been making 8 inch stuffed versions of the superstar marsupial for the past two weeks, struck the Oscar deal at a recent toy fair in New York.

Heidi the opossum became a hit in Germany after local tabloid Bild ran a photo of the cute cross-eyed critter. But her fame took off after U.S. TV appearances. On Facebook, Heidi has more than 300,000 followers.
Heidi has even gotten into the Oscar prediction business. On a regular segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the wee furry pundit has been picking Oscar winners via live videolink from her zoo in Leipzig. So far, Heidi has Colin Firth and Natalie Portman to win the top acting trophies.
Koesner, a century-old toy maker, is hoping a bit of that fame will rub off when Oscar celebs get their goodie bags. "My wish is that one of the celebrities will hold the toy up to the camera," Koesner boss Helmut Schache said.
We'll have to see when the Oscars - and the Heidis- get handed out on Sunday.