Helena Bonham Carter Spills Tea on Co-Stars Olivia Colman, Rihanna and More

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert -Helena Bonham Carter-  November 19, 2019- Publicity-H 2019
Scot Kowalchyk/CBS

While visiting 'The Late Show,' the 'Crown' actress got candid about working with Colin Firth, Sacha Baron Cohen, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe.

Helena Bonham Carter spilled the tea on some of her former co-stars during her visit to The Late Show on Tuesday.

While drinking a cup of tea, Bonham Carter was asked to reveal something about her The Crown co-star Olivia Colman. "Very big heart. Niagara, in her capacity of crying," she said. "She's extraordinary, but she feels everything. There's nobody like her with no tear duct like her."

When asked about her The King's Speech co-star Colin Firth, the actress revealed that he is very talkative. "Colin, I love dearly. He talks too much," she said as she took a sip of her tea.

She added that it's ironic that Firth played a character that had a problem with his speech in the film. "The only way I knew when we were actually filming was Colin stopped talking and I would go like, 'Why? Oh, we must be filming. He stopped,'" she said.

Bonham Carter next discussed her Ocean's 8 co-star Rihanna. "She's a goddess. She looks extraordinary. I could never understand a word she said, though," the actress revealed. "We speak totally different languages, but I loved her and she was amazing to look at. She's a really good actress, too."

Host Stephen Colbert later spilled his own tea about Bonham Carter's Les Miserables co-star Sacha Baron Cohen. "I had dinner with him at George Clooney's house and he came dressed up in lederhosen carrying a 45-pound wheel of cheese," he said.

"He needs attention, doesn't he?" responded Bonham Carter. "He has emotional issues."

When asked about her Fight Club co-star Brad Pitt, Bonham Carter said that he is "an absolute gentleman." After she admitted that she had nothing bad to say about Pitt, she continued, "He looks as if he swallowed the sun, you know. He's just such a good thing on the exterior and the interior."

The segment concluded with Bonham Carter discussing Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. "He's got nice manners," she said. The actress also revealed that he writes original poems. "He writes them. He also quotes poems," she said.

"He was really handy because I like my tea and my coffee and my Diet Coke and things and he'd hold them all for me, so he was a really helpful," she continued about Radcliffe. Colbert responded, "He's your footman. That's why you like him."

Watch the full segment below.