#SocialGathering: Kate Hudson Might Drop a Record; The 'Girls' Girls Say Goodbye

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon_Kate Hudson - Getty - H 2016
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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon_Kate Hudson - Getty - H 2016

And Hello Kitty is running for president.

Can't keep up with what's been going on in the social media world? Fret not. Here, a gathering of what the stars have been up to this week on social media.

Kate Hudson Covers En Vogue
Kate Hudson is an absolute must-follow on social media. Her Instagram stories alone are so funny, the posts are like watching Hudson short films. Can’t sing the praises of Hudson’s #contentbuilding enough. That said, the new queen of cool sang ‘90s R&B group En Vogue’s "Hold On" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and dropped hints about possibly releasing an album. Is she any good? You be the judge.


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Tory Sport Pop-Up
Tory Sport, designer Tory Burch’s popular line of athleticwear, finally swings into L.A. for a limited pop-up. From now until Oct. 1, shop the collection, which includes gear for running, tennis, golf, studio and swim, plus cute pieces to make a chic entrance (and exit) into your favorite workout spots. Expect to see a groovy 1972 Volkswagen bus cruising through Los Angeles. Make sure to hashtag your pics #torysportinLA.


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The Girls Girls Say Goodbye
HBO’s hit series Girls wrapped this week, and Allison Williams and Lena Dunham posted bittersweet goodbye messages to each other, fans and their respective characters. Since Girls’ 2012 premiere, Dunham’s writing has given women a much-needed dose of reality and body-positivity on television. The debates over the moments that Dunham appeared naked on the show are still happening to this day — the mark of thought-provoking writing and direction. The girls shall be missed, unless they can be persuaded to write a show about 30-somethings? Asking for a friend.



Girls Goodbye (3 of 3) To the fans, you have blown our minds. You have made a big scary world seem small and intimate and I see blessings and safe havens everywhere because of the way you've normalized these experiences, the moments of being female that feel dark and unruly, that hurt like a gash. You've made me believe there was a place for the strange girls and the ones who don't know how to love quite yet. And I know you'll give the same warm reception to all the radical & essential female voices coming to TV in the near future. Because we are just at the the beginning of a golden era in which every woman-- no matter her race, religion, body-type, or the gender assigned to her at birth-- can tell her story and have it heard and recognized for its essential her-ness. Let's all make sure of that together, okay? We must. To the critics: you pushed us to grow and we did, even when the child in me wanted to stamp my feet and stand my ground. There is no greater gift than evolution. Thank you for that. To the cast & crew, the writers and producers, you will always be my comrades and I'd drop anything to be there for you at any time in your life. Thank you for accepting me, for creating a world of acceptance and for holding me through some of the toughest times I've known. Thank you for being fierce and creative. Thank you for putting up with my tits for six years, even when they got so, so boring. Thank you for making me feel like I was at the center of a trampoline of good will. To the men of Girls, both cast and crew, thank you for restoring my faith in the beauty and sensitivity that masculine strength can provide. Thank you for healing my fear and my heart. And the the women of girls, you are as bad as they come. Jenni and Judd: Ilene and Gina Allison, Jem, Zosia ?? It's going to take awhile to understand the heartbreak of saying goodbye to these characters, these collaborators and this life. I barely remember another one. So... all my love. Yes, love is all I have for every single one of you (even the 16 year old who keeps telling me to blow him in the comments section, though I do feel concerned he's not being parented closely enuf.

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Feminism Is Trending
From Beyonce to Dior’s feminism-laced spring 2017 collection, equality for women is the conversation on social media. The hashtag #Feminism has nearly 3 million posts and growing — making it the No. 1 social-awareness topic on Instagram. Today, Los Angeles fashion photographer Ashley Noelle debuted her Feminist series of photos on Instagram, featuring one model as four different “types” of women: the dreamer, the housewife, the Ph.D and the politician’s wife. Noelle’s feed is a great follow for a beautifully realistic view of Los Angeles.



...Feminist is a recurring word for Maria Grazia Chiuri. #DiorSS17

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Putting the Yves back in Saint Laurent
In case you missed it. Make sure to follow senior fashion editor Booth Moore for up-to-the-minute photos from Paris Fashion Week.

Clarins’ Boost
Today, classic French beauty brand Clarins kicked off its new Boosters collection over a breakfast for editors and beauty personalities at the Kelly Wearstler-designed Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. The Boosters line offers three ways to repair your skin, simply by adding three to five drops to your daily moisturizer. Solutions offered include repair for weakened skin; energy for fatigued skin; and detox for congested skin. The “one size fits all” skin care approach is quickly becoming a thing of a past, thanks to vitamin-charged serums and drops. Addressing concerns like cold temperatures, pollution or late nights spent partying, the new Clarins products are highly concentrated and should not be used alone.


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Honey, I Shrunk the Chanel
Artist Phillip Nuveen shrinks designer bags, much to the delight of the fashion and art crowd. “I’m one of those endlessly creative individuals who can do a lot with little,” explains Nuveen on his site. This is true, indeed. After appearing on Miu Miu’s Instagram this week, Nuveen saw his follower count skyrocket. The best part is that Nuveen has an Etsy store, where you can grab one of his pieces — mini Fendi boxes, Chanel bags and more ($35) —  for that fashionista friend of yours that has everything.


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Hello Kitty Runs for President
Everyone’s favorite cat — er, girl — jumped into the political arena this week, announcing that she’s running for president. What’s cool about this isn’t the novelty of Hello Kitty dressed up like Uncle Sam (although it’s super adorable), but rather that a relatable, lovable little character is introducing children to democracy in a cheerful way. Hello Kitty is a member of the #FriendshipParty, and her running mate is Chococat. Hello Kitty’s campaign is selling “supercute Friendship Party” merchandise like trucker hats, bumper stickers, pins and totes online.

Prince William and son Charles shared a cozy, cashmere-swathed hug while visiting Canada. That's all. Happy Friday!


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