Hellthalter quits music film group EuroArts

Company produced 'Don't Come Knocking,' 'Fateless'

BERLIN -- Bernd Hellthalter has resigned from EuroArts Medien, the Berlin company he founded in 1994 and built into one of the world’s leading producers of classic music and fine arts programming.

Some of the company’s best known work was done as co-productions, including the Grammy-nominated documentary “Blue Note -- A Story of Modern Jazz.”

EuroArts also co-produced several feature films, including Kenneth Glenaan’s “Yasmin” (2004), “Don’t Come Knocking” (2005) from Wim Wenders and Lajos Koltai’s “Fateless” (2005).

Hellthalter cited unspecified “personal reasons” for his exit. He will continue to advise the company and its corporate parent Medici Arts, which acquired EuroArts in 2004.