Helmer embraces 'Hugs'


Pedro Almodovar has decided to switch projects and next will shoot the film noir "Broken Hugs," starring Penelope Cruz.

The Oscar-winning director made the announcement Tuesday at the presentation of EMI's "B.S.O. Almodovar," a CD compilation of 29 songs from the director's films.

Almodovar said "Hugs" will feature Cruz, Blanca Portillo and Lluis Homar.

"As for Penelope, I'm going to delve into one of her little-known facets," Almodovar said of the actress, who was nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her role in his most recent film, "Volver." "This won't be a comedy, but humor will be present."

Almodovar, always reluctant to give details about his films in advance, said he will begin preparation on the film in January. The script, which he said is his longest ever, tells of a "crazy love."

Previously, Almodovar said his next film would be "El Piel Que Habito."