'The Help' Stars Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain Are Chic at the NBR Awards

Jessica Chastain Emma Stone NBR - P 2012
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Jessica Chastain Emma Stone NBR - P 2012

One wears pale, the other dark -- and you can bet they'll do 360's for the Golden Globes on Sunday.

If there's anything consistent about the way actresses dress to awards shows, it's that when the shows are close in proximity (timing) to each other, they will wear a light color to one, and a dark color to the next. And they will flip-flop their hair and makeup styles.

You see, they KNOW their awards fashion pictures are going to run in chronological order in some publications and websites - so they plan for variety - and surprise. And so do their stylists. Seasoned awards show stylists totally have this routine down. The best example ever was Natalie Portman last year.

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On Sunday night at the Palm Springs Film Fest Gala, Jessica Chastain wore a dark green dress (Prabal Gurung) with black panels. Monday night at the New York Film Circle Critics Awards, she wore a pale green shiny Lyn Devon dress. Then on Tuesday night at the National Board of Review awards in New York, she wore this black Zac Posen (she'd worn Posen to the Venice Film Festival) with a colorful print on the skirt. What does this tell us about the Globes? That she probably won't be wearing black - or green. Well, that narrows things down... a little.

Emma Stone changes it up quite a bit. At the NBR, she wore this pale little shiny J. Mendel number, great for a woman of her young years and slim figure. Last year for the Golden Globes, Emma was one of the best dressed, in a soft peach Calvin Klein dress - and her hair was bright blonde at the time, as she was shooting the new Spiderman film. Our bet is: for The Globes, she will pull out another strong color. After all that attention, why risk it?