Joaquin Phoenix's High-Waisted 'Her' Pants Hit Stores in 2014

Issue 1 TOWN Her Still Joaquin Phoenix - H 2013
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Issue 1 TOWN Her Still Joaquin Phoenix - H 2013

Costume designer Casey Storm tells THR even the actor wasn't convinced of the retro look, saying: "I don't get it, but I trust you guys."

When Casey Storm tells people he designed the costumes for Spike Jonze's movie Her, "The first thing they want to know is if all guys are going to be wearing extreme high-waisted pants in the next few years," Storm says with a laugh.

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Of course, Joaquin Phoenix's geekily charming character's trousers conjure up the '20s and '30s more than any vision of the future, but Jonze and Storm decided what the near future holds is smart weirdos -- very Silicon Valley meets East Village. During fittings, Phoenix wasn't convinced of the look. " 'I don't get it, but I trust you guys,' " the actor said, according to Storm.

Now there's a style of high-waisted men's pants as part of the Her collection designed by Storm, with help from designer Humberto Leon of retailer Opening Ceremony. Storm says they're selling more briskly than he expected: "It's one of the last frontiers of men's fashion to come back. But it does look weird when you first see it."

This story first appeared in the Jan. 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.