In Her Shoes: A Chat With 'The Voice' Judge Gwen Stefani

Gwen_Stefani_Shoes_Inset - P 2015

Gwen_Stefani_Shoes_Inset - P 2015

Getting sole-ful with the No Doubt frontwoman.

Gwen Stefani is at the top of her game — she just released a heartbreaking new single called "Used to Love You," debuted a new makeup collaboration with Urban Decay, and she's a favored judge on The Voice (sorry PharrellAdam and Blake). And those are just her latest ventures.

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Among one of her longstanding projects is working on her L.A.M.B. line. Her distinctive personal style infuses everything she does — and unlike many other celebrities with fashion brands — she actually wears her own designs, especially when it comes to shoes. The L.A.M.B. line is one of Nordstrom's most popular, and her diffusion line GX counts some of the fiercest silhouettes in shoe today (for a very reasonable price point, too).

Here, we chatted all things shoe with the multihyphenate and found out which shoe designer she would abandon her beloved L.A.M.B.'s for (think red soles).

Pret-a-Reporter: What are your all-time favorite pair of shoes?

Gwen Stefani: A high-heeled L.A.M.B. bootie that I wear pretty much everywhere every day when I'm not working. Even sometimes when I am working. In fact, I've worn them on stage a bunch of times. I have them in two colors; black and oxford red. I love them because they're masculine and feminine all at once and easy to wear. They look chic, but don't hurt my feet.

What inspires you when designing your shoe line? 

A lot of the time I'm thinking about what do I need or what do I wish I had in my closet, sometimes I’m thinking about how to finish an outfit. When we're working on both the clothing and shoes lines, we're often thinking about an entire outfit we want to design, and try to figure out what would be the perfect pair of shoes to go with a real, or soon to be dreamed up, outfit. I also always go back to the same inspiration; there’s always a tribal element, some modern tom boy mixed with old school glamour, and some architectural elements.

What shoes did you first splurge on?

My first splurge on a pair of shoes was a long time ago at a store called Electric Chair in Huntington Beach. I had my eyes on these awesome suede peep-toe platform pumps. I think they were by a brand called Nonna. For me it was a really big deal to get those shoes. I had to save for a really long time to get them. I didn't really wear high heels at the time, but I wanted to be a pin-up girl.

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What shoes do you like to record in? 

I've worn every shoe imaginable in the studio. Recently I've been going with more of a regular, hip-hop tennis shoe. Usually it's a pair of L.A.M.B. sneakers.

How about on The Voice?

For The Voice, I wear whatever goes with the outfit and there's about 10,000 outfits and about a billion choices of shoes. I always love to wear something from my collection if it works. I’ve worn L.A.M.B. and GX, but if not I am a big fan of a Louboutin.

What kind of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?

A guy can never go wrong in a straight up sneaker. Like, a converse would always make me happy, or Vans. I like sneakers on guys.

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Any last thoughts on shoes?

Shoes are so amazing because no matter what you think about yourself — your body image or your mood — it doesn’t matter because shoes fit any of those things. They fit if you feel fat, sad, happy, confident, or not confident. They can always fit your mood — there are no restrictions. Shoes are accessories that can complete whatever mood or look you're going for that day. I think shoes can almost always make you happy — or at least feel better — unless they're hurting you. And even when they’re hurting you, they’re so cute that they make you happy!