In Her Shoes: A Chat With 'Younger' Star Debi Mazar (Q&A)

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Debi Mazar at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

Madonna's BFF dishes on the time she opted to pay for a pair of Manolos instead of the bills. Worth it.

Debi Mazar is having a moment. Though we knew she was the epitome of cool as Madonna's BFF, starring in some of her best videos and doing her makeup, too, we fell in love all over again when she starred in Entourage. (Did Shauna Roberts always manage to break it down, or what?) Now, Mazar is back at it with a hit food show, Under the Tuscan Gun (with her husband, Gabriele Corcos), and a starring role in the TV Land series Youngeras well as the Entourage movie, which is opening in June.

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Last week, Mazar hosted the American Apparel and Footwear Association Award show, handing out accolades to the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Cynthia Rowley, and then reunited with the Goodfellas cast at the Tribeca Film Festival, where she gave out an award for Best Documentary Short. As fans of her signature classic style, we were excited to hear from the woman herself about her favorite footwear of the moment, how shoes are sometimes more important than electricity, and why it's important to take care of moody feet.

Pret-a-Reporter: What are your all-time favorite shoe brands?

Debi Mazar: I tend to wear Christian Louboutin or Edmundo Castillo to all my events. I like the last, the lines and how my foot becomes an invisible extension of my leg and appears longer.

What shoes did you wear for Dancing With The Stars?

All of my heels were nude in color — professional dancing shoes from Spain with soft suede soles. Very tango!

What is your favorite pair of shoes of all time?

My favorite shoes were my wedding shoes from Manolo Blahnik (who once took me as his date to the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala — New York in the '90s!). I still wear my wedding shoes after 14 years because they are timeless and well-made! They were pale metallic-gold Nappa, 100-mm heel with a delicate ankle strap — super comfortable. I was six months pregnant and wore them all night!

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What shoes would you want to be buried in?

I will be cremated barefoot with a beautiful pedicure.

What shoes were your first splurge?

According to my mother, my first splurge was when I was six years old. I saw a pair of navy leather shoes from Italy which at the time were $100 — very expensive in the '70s. I begged and promised to do chores and she broke down and bought them for me. My first adult shoe splurge was on a pair of Manolos. My phone and electric were temporarily turned off because I didn't have my monthly nut to pay the bills because of my extravagant shoe purchase — but I felt like Cinderella!

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What footwear are you going crazy for right now?

The "Irizia" by Christian Louboutin. It is a D'Orsay that fits my foot in the right places and shows the best part of the foot's anatomy. It makes my foot look dainty and my step in them is light and fluid. I can wear them all day! The foot doesn't look tortured in this shoe. I hate a tortured-looking foot.

What shoes did you wear to the AAFA Awards?

The "Irizia" in brown! [Seen above with Cynthia Rowley]

What shoes do you love to cook in?

Although I wear heels on camera for my cooking show, the truth is I kick them off immediately and wear a slipper or slide in the kitchen, or a fun sneaker. I don't like to stand in one place over the stove in heels for lengths of time and I don't want to drip olive oil on my good shoes. I like to give my feet a break and give them good arch support around the house or when running errands in my neighborhood. I very much enjoy being barefoot as well! My feet are moody and demanding. I take good care of them.