'Her Smell' Trailer: Elisabeth Moss Taps Into the Rock-Star Life

The Emmy-winning actress stars in the film with drug-induced outrage and chaos.

Alex Ross Perry's Her Smell dropped a drug-induced, rock trailer on Thursday. The film revolves around grunge rock star Becky Something, played by Elisabeth Moss, and her attempts to return to stardom while keeping sober. Scenes of Becky's self-destruction, reflection and upbeat rock number compose the film's first trailer.

"It was Becky Something," Moss says over a shot of her with a contemplative and clear face.

Fans then call out to her, screaming her name, as snippets of the rock star stumbling and prepping herself for a show backstage appear. The chanting gets louder until feedback cuts the crowd's roar and Moss' Becky begins to sing.

"I always flirt with death. I look ill but I don't care about it," she sings sans instruments. Shortly after the a cappella verse, the trailer bursts into buzzing rock and bright scenes of Becky and her band playing to their audience.

"I've tried and I've tried and I've tried. You've all stuck with me till the very end," whispers Moss later in the trailer. It winds down to an end with different versions of Becky Something smiling into the camera — the glitter-clad, drugged-out singer and the stripped-down human behind the rock persona. 

Her Smell, which will hit theaters April 12, also stars Cara Delevingne, Amber Heard and Ashley Benson as Becky's bandmates, along with Dan Stevens, Agyness Deyn and Gayle Rankin.