Here's a Strange Video of Lindsay Lohan Re-creating Iconic 'Mean Girls' One-Liners

Mike Marsland/Getty Images


It's a confusing time for Lindsay Lohan fans. 

She was the ultimate redhead of our childhood, the star of such adolescent mainstays as Life Size (our introduction to Tyra Banks!) and The Parent Trap. She led us through our angsty years with Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen — the latter of which brought us her banger, "Teenage Drama Queen (That Girl)," which was terrible and perfect.

She is Cady Heron. 

And then, at the end of last year, she kind of defended Harvey Weinstein. She adopted a weird accent. She said she faced racial discrimination due to her head scarf. She launched a confusing app.

Then, on Feb. 6, 2018, she did this: 

Did she just re-create eight hallowed one-liners from the sacred cinematic masterpiece of our generation, Tina Fey's Mean Girls?

Yes. Yes, she did. 

One minute and 29 seconds in length, the video posted as part of W magazine's package of the 31-year-old pop culture icon is fascinating and strange and oddly nostalgic — but not in a warm and fuzzy Gilmore Girls revival way. Rather, Lohan's utterances of "Grool" and "The limit does not exist!" are familiar in a way that makes us keenly and uncomfortably aware of the passage of the past 14 years.

In the rest of the W feature, Lohan goes on to discuss her aspirations to continue acting and eventually direct, as well as what it's like living in her new home of Dubai, which is notably free of paparazzi.  “I mean, I’m a Cancer, so I like to go out and then go back into my shell," she says of her social life.

Also on her to-do list? A beauty label and a clothing line. But not contemporary wear, like her leggings brand or the collection she designed for Lavish Alice. "[This] is closer to haute couture." Of course, she's also tried that before, the time in 2009 she was (briefly) artistic advisor for the house of Ungaro and showed heart-shaped nipple pasties on the Paris runway.

Welp, we're certainly always rooting for a comeback.