Here's What Reclusive Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter Might Look Like Today

Marvel Illo- THR-biz-marvel-mogul-no text-H 2016
Illustration By Paul Tuller

Artist Paul Tuller renders an illustration of the 73-year-old mystery mogul based off descriptions provided by those who know him.

As CEO of Marvel Entertainment, Ike Perlmutter has overseen its meteoric rise. But Perlmutter's mild-mannered alter ego is intensely — some might say pathologically — private, going so far as to wear a disguise to the 2008 premiere of Iron Man.

When THR reached out to his publicists for a recent photo, they declined to provide one and did not authorize the use of the single photo online of Perlmutter, reportedly taken during the mid-'80s. So THR used that photo, asked those who know Perlmutter to describe him and enlisted artist Paul Tuller to create the projected image of a 73-year-old Perlmutter.