Herman Cain Is Launching Web TV Venture (Video)

Eric Thayer/Getty Images

The ex-Republican presidential candidate will unveil "CainTV" on the Fourth of July.

Herman Cain is making the transition from former GOP candidate to internet pundit with a new web TV venture he's launching dubbed "CainTV."

Set to unveil on July 4 -- very patriotic of him -- the network follows in the path of Glenn Beck's GBTV. Cain offers a video teaser on CainTV's Facebook site (via Mediabistro). In the roughly 3 and 1/2-minute tape, he and a team of Cain enthusiasts rail off a slew of odd statements targeting Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and filmmaker Michael Moore.

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"Hello, I'm Herman Cain. They think we are stupid," Cain declares. "We the people are coming, and we want our power back. Politicians in both parties are so smitten with alternative, or clean energym that they've somehow convinced themselves we no longer need oil. This is stupid!"

Watch the video below.

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