Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal: What Hollywood Is Saying

Herman Cain Book Campaign - H 2011
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Herman Cain Book Campaign - H 2011

A fourth accuser came forward on Monday, sparking a flurry of comments from late-night hosts and actors.

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain came under fire once again on Monday when attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference introducing a fourth woman accusing Cain of sexual harassment.

Perhaps the only late-night show to not use plenty of sexual innuendos against Cain in his opening monologue was Jimmy Kimmel, who had Cain on his show on Monday.

Cain did touch on the scandal is his monologue, saying, “I think Gloria Allred had a press podium set up in her living room for instances like this.”

The other late-night hosts, however, had plenty to said against Cain.

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“Things are getting pretty rough for Presidential candidate Herman Cain. A new poll found that Herman Cain’s approval has dipped five points since the news of the sexual harassment scandal broke. Even worse, as soon as Cain promised to get it back up, he was slapped with another sexual harassment suit,” said Jimmy Fallon on his show on Monday night.

“Big announcement from Herman Cain today. He’s leaving the Tea Party and joining the T and A party,” said Jay Leno in his opening monologue on Monday.

“If I have this correctly, I believe what Herman Cain is saying is ‘no means no,’” Jon Stewart joked on Monday night’s show. “I know what you’re gonna say … you’re gonna say look at how Herman Cain is dressed, with that suit, surrounded by all those microphones, he’s asking for it. ‘It,’ of course, being heightened media scrutiny.”

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Hollywood also spoke out on Twitter about the fourth accuser coming forward.

Bette Midler:
“Herman Cain was never vetted About the women he had petted Will all accusers form a line? We have to stop at 999.”

Warren Leight, Showrunner for Law and Order: SVU:
“Memo: to Herman Cain/ From SVU Writers Room: This is the moment in the story when your lawyer should ask about cutting a deal.”

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Joy Behar:
“Next Godfather's Pizza promotion: if Herman Cain doesn't harass you within 30 minutes, your pizza is free”

Holly Robinson Peete:
“NOBODY is happier than Herman Cain that the #conradmurray trial verdict is in...time to get his story tight. How do u think he will respond?”

Steve Martin:
“Just realized that Herman Cain is an anagram for Reachin' man.”

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Conan O'Brien:
“With all this negative attention on Herman Cain right now, I’ll bet Little Caesar is grabbing boobs like there’s no tomorrow.”

Comedian and author Andy Borowitz:
“Women Harassed by Herman Cain: "We Are the 99%"