Hermeling steps down at indie A-Film


AMSTERDAM -- Pim Hermeling, director and founder of A-Film, on Thursday has stepped down as director of the largest independent film distributor in the Netherlands and selling his shares in the company, after a difference of opinion over the company's future.

Hermeling told The Hollywood Reporter that A-Film needs a major international partner in order to survive in the long run. That view, however, is not shared by A-Film's main investors: W2Media BV, a venture of Wolff Cinema Group, and cinema-owner Ad Weststrate.

Said Hermeling: "The other big independent distributor in Holland, RCV, recently made a deal with a Canadian company. I know that A-Film also needs an international partner from a big territory, like the U.K., U.S., France or Canada, to stay in business."

A-Film has experienced some heavy weather in the recent past, according to several sources in the Dutch cinema community. Last year, some 13 full- and part-time jobs were cut, leaving a staff of 37 in the Amsterdam office.

Hermeling said that his former company was currently still "financially healthy." Last year, A-Film scored considerable success with the romantic comedy "Alles is Liefde" (Love is All), the biggest local Dutch hit in 15 years.

Hermeling's departure means that both founders of A-Film are no longer with the company. Co-founder and producer San Fu Maltha left A-Film a few years ago.