Hermes Launches the Subscription Service to End All Others — and It's for Men

Hermes Tie Society_Comp - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Hermes

Are you a member of the Hermes Tie Society?

Men can be fanatical about their ties, especially Hermes ties.

And now, just in time for delinquent Father’s Day gifters, the French luxury house has launched a new service called the Hermes Tie Society, a very stylish club for tie enthusiasts.

Launching in 10 Hermes boutiques around the nation, including the ones in Beverly Hills and South Coast Plaza, the Hermes Tie Society is actually a tie subscription service tailored to individuals who fill out a questionnaire about their interests (solids or patterns? dogs or cats? serious or fun-loving?) to help salespeople choose which designs to send on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

Membership to The Hermes Tie Society comes with exclusive club benefits, including free necktie delivery, expert laundering, tie reshaping and repairs.  

“We started Tie Society for the purpose of service and convenience,” says Hermes US CEO Bob Chavez. “Our clients are always so busy and pressed for time. This lets us do all the work for them…. It also also serves as a great gift when you don't know what to give the man who has everything already.”

Chavez, who boasts more than 300 Hermes ties in his personal collection, admits that the devotion to Hermes silk runs deep, from the halls of power on Capitol Hill to halls of power in Hollywood.

“One of our favorite stories is the groom who pulled up in his limousine on his way to his wedding and asked us to help him tie his Hermes bow tie! We did, and sent him happily on his way!"

For subscription options (prices start at $180/month), go to