Hermes Wants to Repair Its Relationship With Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin - P 2015

There's been some bad blood following a PETA report alleging cruelty at a crocodile farm connected to the fashion house.

The current relationship status between Hermes and Jane Birkin — namesake muse of the French fashion house's best-selling Birkin bag — is, well, complicated. After PETA released a report this July alleging that two of the farms from which Hermes sources materials for its crocodile Birkin bag treat the animals inhumanely, the legendary model asked Hermes to please remove her name from the bag, thanks. 

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Bloomberg reports that Hermes is currently conducting an independent investigation into the allegations, keeping Birkin's outrage in mind. “We agree that the best international rules should be applied in our crocodile farms,” said CEO Axel Dumas at an earnings presentation on Friday, noting that, like the model, Hermes was also shocked by the cruelty demonstrated in PETA's videos. (Meanwhile, PETA has been doing its thing and protesting Hermes and even buying stock in the company in an attempt to infiltrate its shareholder meetings.)

The French label has also said that it will suspend their working relationship with the accused farms and penalize them accordingly if the accusations prove true. Hopefully Hermes and Birkin will then kiss and make up so that we can continue to lust over the most coveted handbags in all the land. Because simply "bag" minus the "Birkin" just doesn't have quite the same appeal.

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