Hey, Hollywood, Test Your Toronto IQ!

So you think you know Toronto (and beyond)? Test your knowledge with THR's "How Canadian Are You?" quiz. Guaranteed to separate the true Canuck from the hoser poser. Scroll to the bottom for answers and to see how you rate.

1. Match these fictional Canadian heroes with their comedy catchphrases:

A. Bob and Doug McKenzie

B. Wayne Campbell

C. Head Crushing Guy

D. Red Green

E. The Hansen Brothers

1. "Party Time! Excellent!"

2. "Take off, eh? You Hoser!"

3. "Old Time Hockey!"

4. "I'm crushing your head. Crush. Crush."

5. "You Can't Fix Stupid."

2. Toronto is the Vanilla Ice of cities, a nice suburban kid that likes to play urban gangster. Which of the following is not one of the hip-hop tags Torontonians use for their city?

A. T-Dot

B. The 416

C. Hogtown

D. The Rock

E. The Center of the Universe

3. Canada's two greatest sources of pride are universal health care and hot Hollywood exports. Both come together in Tommy Douglas, the founder of Canada's single-payer health-care system and the maternal grandfather of which Hollywood star?

A. Michael J. Fox

B. Kiefer Sutherland

C. Pamela Anderson

D. Jim Carrey

4. Which Halifax-based indie band wrote the song "Scott Pilgrim," which inspired the graphic novel made into the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, starring Brampton, Ontario, native Michael Cera?

A. Sloan

B. Nickelback

C. Rush

D. Plumtree

E. Arcade Fire

5. The Loonie, the Canadian one-dollar coin, is named after the picture of the loon on the back. But which animal is on Canada's two-dollar coin, the Toonie?

A. Beaver

B. Polar bear

C. Celine Dion

D. Bugs and Daffy

6. Canadian actors Mike Myers and Kiefer Sutherland are among the legions of long-suffering fans of Toronto's hapless hockey team, the Maple Leafs. When was the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup?

A. 1974

B. 1928

C. 1967

D. 1992

7. Have you packed properly for Toronto in September? Hope you remembered your toque. Actually, what's a toque?

A. A traditional Quebec delicacy

B. The ball used in lacrosse

C. A wool hat

D. That thing William Shatner wears on his head.

8. In Wayne's World, Scarborough, Ontario, native Mike Myers pays tribute to Canuck coffee chain Tim Hortons, started by the eponymous hockey star, with a donut shop named after which other NHL legend?

A. Wayne Gretzky

B. Bobby Orr

C. Stan Mikita

D. Rocket Richard

9. Your Canadian boss asks you to run out and get him a double-double, pop and some smarties. What do you buy?

A. An assortment of the latest party drugs

B. Two Leafs tickets, a copy of the Globe and Mail and a pack of Players cigarettes

C. A coffee with two creams and two sugars, soda and candy

D. A case of Molson, a Beaver Tail and some poutine


Scroll down for answers...
















1. A-2, B-1, C-4, d-5, E-3

2. D (The rock is slang for the island of Newfoundland.)

3. B

4. D (if you answered B or C and honestly think rush or Nick- elback are indie bands, you should be forced to attend Avril Lavigne-Chad Kroeger wedding.

5. B

6. C (But this is their year!)

7. C

8. C (The great Chicago Blackhawks center also has a cameo in the film.)

9. C


1-2: Take off, eh? You're lucky if the Leafs let you ride the Zamboni.

3-5: You may know your pop from your poutine, but you're still a newbie to Hogtown.

6-7: Just "aboot" perfect. Break out the 2-4 of Molson and let's watch curling!

8-9: A true Canuck. Treat yourself to a double-double at Tim Hortons and enjoy some free health care.