Hey, Online Daters: "Hey" Isn't Likely to Get You a Date (and 9 Other "Who Knew?" Stats)

Tinder Product Image - P 2014
Courtesy of Tinder

Tinder Product Image - P 2014

Stats from some of the biggest dating apps — and Netflix on modern romance.


- After being matched, most people chat online for two to seven days before meeting in person


- The word "swag" (as in "swagger") has been mentioned in Match profiles 4,000 times

- The word "bae" (as in "baby") has been mentioned in Match profiles about 2,500 times

- The phrase "Netflix & chill" has been mentioned 2,000 times

- Men wait 11 days on average to hear back from someone before writing them off for good

- There are 10 times more people named Donald on Match than named Hillary


- When it comes to emoji, the "face with cold sweat" has the highest reply rate — 45 percent

- A message saying "hey" has an 84 percent chance of being ignored


- A survey of 1,000 U.S. Netflix users found that 51 percent believe that sharing a password means the relationship is serious

- 17 percent will not share their password until they're engaged

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