Hilary Duff Wants Her Novels to Be Turned Into Movies (Video)

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"It's a huge dream of mine," says the actress-singer-author, who released Devoted, the sequel to her best-seller Elixir, on Tuesday.

Hilary Duff on Tuesday released the sequel to her best-selling novel Elixir, and she has high hopes for the two books.

The actress-singer wants to see Elixir and its follow-up, Devoted -- a supernatural-themed love story about a 17-year-old photographer named Clea Raymond -- turned into movies.

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"I would love to," she told MTV News. "I mean, it’s a huge dream of mine, and just from my past and where I came from I’m used to working on movies and reading scripts and that’s just where my head goes instantly when I’m writing. I made this book very visual, the dream sequences and the flash backs are very romantic. I could just see doing really cool things to the film with wardrobe and all this stuff that my mind goes to."

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Duff -- who recently revealed she is expecting her first child with NHL-player husband Mike Comrie -- added that there has been some interest, but she hasn't find the right partner yet.

"I think it’d be really cool, but I have a lot going on," she said. "There have been a few people interested in buying the rights which is very flattering, but if the right person came along, I’d definitely hope that would happen."

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While Duff said she can envision so many elements of how a movie based on Elixir would look, she doesn't have anyone specific in mind for the lead role -- but she insists she isn't right for the part. She does, however, think she could play the part of Sloan, a "badass, grungy greasy girl" who is part of a "group that's against Clea, but she's fighting for a cause that is for her people. She has a little bit of a heart, but she's kinda cutthroat."

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