Hilary Read Leaves a Restructuring BBC Worldwide Canada

The exit of the long-time exec is part of a reorganization of the UK pubcaster's commercial arm as it puts more focus on international markets.

TORONTO – The BBC Worldwide reorganization is having ripple effects in Canada.

Long-time BBC Worldwide Canada COO Hilary Read has left the company as part of a revamp of the BBC commercial arm’s Canadian division.

Read joined BBC Worldwide Canada in 1980 and has been COO since 2001.

"Hilary has been the linchpin of BBC Worldwide in Canada. I want to thank her for her knowledge, expertise and professionalism which have helped us gain a solid foothold and put us in a great position for future growth,” Ann Sarnoff, COO of BBC Worldwide America, said in a statement Tuesday.

"I've had a great career with BBC Worldwide and I wish the company the very best. I'm looking forward to new opportunities and challenges,” Read said in her own statement.